Terms and Condition


The following Terms & Conditions bear two main sections – "A. Participation" and "B. Tournament Rules".



1. Lexus Malaysia is a division of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd. ("Lexus Malaysia"). Lexus Malaysia is organizing the Lexus Golf Invitational 2020 ("the Event") which will be held at the following venues at the corresponding dates:

  • TPC Kuala Lumpur – 10th November 2020

  • 2. RSVP

    1. The Event is accorded by invitation, for one (1) participant per invitation only.
    2. The invitation does not constitute guaranteed participation and/or confirmation of the availability of participation slot. The invited party is required to register and/or to complete the Entry Form ("RSVP") for one (1) participant on Lexus website (https://golf.lexus.com.my) during the stipulated RSVP period as stated on the invitation.
    3. The RSVP is opened exclusively to selected Lexus owners (owners of new Individual Private or Company Private registered vehicles) whose new vehicles* are sold by Lexus Malaysia and delivered latest by 31st August 2020.
      *Only applicable to new vehicles, not used or pre-owned vehicles.
    4. Each Lexus owner is entitled to RSVP only one (1) venue.
    5. In the event a Lexus owner is not playing, the said owner is allowed to nominate one (1) of the following persons to participate in the Event.
      • For owner of Individual Private registered vehicles: One (1) family member - Parent, Spouse or Child only#.
      • For owner of Company Private registered vehicles: One (1) currently employed personnel of the Company - Director, Partner or Staff only#.
        #All nominations must be supported with documents for verification of the relationship between the nominee and the registered owner. Example of documents:
        • For owners of Individual Private registered vehicles: Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate.
        • For owners of Company Private registered vehicles: Business Card, Staff ID or Employment Letter.
        • The nominated player must be aged twenty-five (25) years old and above.
    6. In the event of a Lexus owner nominating a player, the Lexus owner or the said nominated player is to complete the online RSVP Form in order to secure a playing slot in the event. If the Lexus owner or the nominated player does not complete the online RSVP Form, the said nominated player’s playing slot will not be confirmed for participation. In the event where the Lexus owner has provided Lexus Malaysia the personal data of third party player that he/she nominated, the Lexus owner shall obtain all necessary consent from third party player prior to giving the contact details to Lexus Malaysia. Lexus Malaysia will contact the nominated player as per the contact details given in the RSVP form on Lexus website.
    7. RSVP is based on first come, first served basis.
    8. The participation slot is non-transferable and cannot be exercised in proxy for other parties other than the stipulated Player or Nominated Player as per stated in the RSVP Form on Lexus website.
    9. If an RSVP is cancelled, the said Lexus owner shall be able to submit another RSVP, subject to the availability of a participation slot of the selected venue.


    1. In the event that the number of participation slot had been fully allocated, any subsequent RSVP shall be enlisted onto a Waiting List, upon the request of the Lexus owner.
    2. The Waiting List shall not guarantee the availability of participation slot.
    3. In the event the participation slot is available again, the said owner will be contacted by Lexus Malaysia with further information and arrangements where applicable as per the stipulated contact date stated on Lexus website.
    4. Any request(s) for additional participation slot(s) shall not be entertained by Lexus Malaysia.


    1. Each participant is required to pay a participation fee of Ringgit Malaysia Three Hundred and Sixty Only (RM360.00) inclusive of SST 6%. Payment shall be made online via Credit Card only.
    2. Upon successful RSVP, UMWT’s appointed event organizer, Golf Malaysia Publications Sdn Bhd, will charge RM360.00 participation fee to the participant’s credit card. Charges will be reflected as “Golf Malaysia” in the participant’s credit card statement. The RSVP is deemed confirmed only when an email confirmation with tournament fact sheet and tax invoice have been emailed to the successful participants.
    3. If a payment is unsuccessful, participants should contact their credit card providers for the details.
    4. The participation fee will not be refunded once credited, even if any participant cancels the RSVP and/or withdraws from or is absent during the Event.
    5. Lexus Malaysia shall not be held liable for any incorrect contact information that may result in the failure to participate.


    1. The format of play shall be the Modified System 36 Stableford format.
    2. All play shall be in accordance with Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A Rules Ltd and the Local Rules of TPC Kuala Lumpur as approved by Lexus Malaysia and in accordance with the Tournament Rules.
    3. Participants are advised to refer to the next section entitled B. Tournament Rules for more details on the Rules of Golf.


    1. It is the responsibility of Lexus owners to give consent to Lexus Malaysia to send communications, and keep Lexus Malaysia informed of any change in email address, contact number and other means of contact.
    2. Lexus Malaysia shall not be held liable for any incorrect contact information that may result in the failure to extend the Invitation and delivery of communications pertaining to the Event to Lexus owners.
    3. To the fullest extent permissible by law, each participant releases Lexus Malaysia and its employees, agents and authorized representatives, from any claim, loss, damage or harm or any form of injuries, death, cost or expense (including any claim for legal costs and/or legal expenses) that the participants of the Event may suffer as a result of their participation in this Event whether in the course of playing or otherwise.
    4. Lexus Malaysia declines liability in the event of any accidents, personal injuries and causes of action arising from any loss and damage to the participants howsoever and whatsoever suffered by participants and/or any party during the course of the Event.
    5. Participants shall release, discharge, and agree not to sue or commence any legal action against Lexus Malaysia and/or their respective officials, servants, their representatives and agents for any claims, demands, actions, and causes of action arising out of any loss and/or damage to property, injury including death that may be sustained, whether or not caused by the negligence of Lexus Malaysia while participating in the Event.
    6. Participants must, to the best of their knowledge, be able to participate in the Event and must be aware of the risks and hazards connected with the activity, and elect to participate voluntarily.


    1. Lexus Malaysia reserves the absolute right to reject any RSVP and/or refuse entry of any participants and/or remove any participants during the course of Event and/or remove the said participant from the Event venue.
    2. Lexus Malaysia may abandon, cancel, change or postpone the RSVP and/or the Event, without prior notices. Any cancellation, termination or postponement of the RSVP and/or the Event by Lexus Malaysia shall not entitle the participants to any claim or compensation against Lexus Malaysia for any loss or damage incurred by the participant as a direct and/or indirect result of the cancellation, termination or postponement.
    3. By participation in the Event shall be deemed as permission to Lexus Malaysia to use, publish, exhibit and display participant's name, image and comments in any nature or form for documentation, advertising and promotional purpose in any form of media and any reasonable manner it sees fit without additional compensation. The participants are not eligible to claim any proprietary right thereto.
    4. Lexus Malaysia reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time that may be deemed appropriate and fit by Lexus Malaysia.
    5. The protection of personal data is an important concern of Lexus Malaysia. The personal data collected in the entry form and as provided by the participant for the purpose of this Event will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Notice as available for viewing at http://www.lexus.com.my/en/legal.html ("PDP Notice"). By the participant submitting his/her personal data to Lexus Malaysia for this Event and/or during the Event, the participant hereby consents to Lexus Malaysia processing his/her personal data according to the PDP Notice. In the event where the Lexus owner has provided Lexus Malaysia the personal data of third party player that he/she nominated, the Lexus owner is required to extend a copy of the PDP Notice to the third party player and to obtain the consent of such third party player for the processing of his or her personal data according to PDP Notice.


    1. Lexus Malaysia shall not be liable for any repercussions arising from the failure to submit the proper and complete RSVP Form and/or unsuccessful payment of the participation fee.
    2. All participants acknowledge and agree that any dispute concerning the services of the relevant golf course shall be settled directly between the participant and the participating golf course establishments as per stated in Clause 1.1. Lexus Malaysia shall bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes or for the dispute itself. The participant acknowledges and agrees that in the case of any dispute, the decision of the stipulated participating golf course establishments shall be final and conclusive.



  1. The Lexus Golf Invitational 2020 shall be administered by the Tournament Committee, whose decisions on all matters are final.


  1. The Lexus Golf Invitational 2020 is an individual competition open to Lexus owners and guests of Lexus Malaysia who are amateur golfers of the age of twenty-five (25) years old and above with handicaps of up to 24 for men and 36 for ladies. Men shall play off the Blue tees and women off the Red tees unless otherwise specified.


  1. Individual Stableford points based on Modified System 36. Participants are required to hole out. However if a score is not entered for a particular hole, the Committee shall read it as a ten for a Par 5, eight for a Par 4 and six for a Par 3.


  1. Participants must own a valid MGA (USGA) approved handicaps of up to 24 for men and 36 for ladies. Failure to declare the lowest handicap at any time may result in disqualification. The Committee reserves the right to assign handicaps as they deem fit, within reason and as allowed within the Rules of Golf.


  1. Participants shall be assigned a temporary handicap at a venue based on their USGA Indexes against the slope rating of that club. Participants without a current USGA Index may compete in the tournament subject to a mandatory 20% reduction of their current club handicap. Golfers without a valid USGA Index or handicap may be allowed to compete but with a scratch (0) handicap and with the consent of The Committee. A participant whose handicap index has become invalid by more than two months prior to the event date shall be deemed as not having a valid handicap index.


  1. Each participant can win only one (1) Novelty prize.
  2. Prizes for the Stableford category and Grand Lucky Draw are open to Lexus customers only. Hole-In-One: A LEXUS NX is offered as a hole-in-one prize on the designated hole for all 3 rounds of tournament in Central. Should there be more than one hole-in-one achiever, the prize shall be shared equally among them. Awarding the prize is subject to the final verification and approval of the official insurers of the above stated Lexus vehicles.
  3. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to replace any prize with another of equivalent or higher value, due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash or goods of any kind.


  1. Should a round be shortened or called off because of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on the distribution of prizes.


  1. Participants are required to exchange scorecards with their flight mates and not buggy mates. Please ensure signatures of both player and marker appear on the scorecard before submission. Any changes to scores must be accompanied by the marker's initials. Participants are reminded that it is a player's responsibility to ensure his or her scorecard is correctly submitted. Scorecards are to be submitted no later than five (5) minutes after completion of the round.


  1. If the participant arrives within 5 minutes after the starting time, the Tournament Committee will deduct 2 points from the total points scored for the round. If he / she arrives more than 5 minutes late from the starting time, he / she will be disqualified from winning any prizes.


  1. In the event of ties, placings shall be determined on countback starting with (a) lowest handicap, (b) Stableford points of the last nine holes, (c) last six holes, (d) last three holes, (e) last hole. If the results are still tied then a toss of coin shall decide. Last nine holes shall always refer to holes 10-18 on the scorecard of all venues, irrespective of starting tee-box of participants.


  1. Participants are reminded of Rule 3-2 (a) pertaining to Amateur Status whereby an amateur participant may not accept a prize (other than symbolic prize) or prize voucher of retail value in access of the prescribed limit equivalent to RM3,500. A participant could lose his amateur status if he accepts a prize that exceeds the prescribed limit. The onus of receiving such a prize lies with the participant.


  1. Lexus Malaysia, participating golf clubs, the event organizer and its staff will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of equipment, harm or bodily injuries to participants throughout the duration of the tournament and all participants will indemnify Lexus Malaysia, participating golf clubs, the event organizer and its staff from any claims and/or legal proceedings for such losses, damage, injury or loss of life suffered during or after the said tournament.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, switch or move the Event to a new venue or date without providing any reason whatsoever.


  1. In addition to these Rules, the rules and regulations set out in the Rules of Golf and other associated rules shall apply and bind each participant. Failure to comply with the said rules will result in the participation being void or disqualified. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final.
  2. All participants are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules and conditions of the Event stated above, upon submission of their entries.
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